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I am Mitchel van Dijk, a self-taught designer / developer from Ens, the Netherlands that focuses on Interface Design, Branding and Web Development.

Since my 13th, back when I had to secretly dial in via a modem to get online, Explorer was a beautiful browser and animated 'under construction' gifs were fun, my passion for internet, technology and design has arisen.

My most recent passion lies in front-end development. By combining design and code (HTML / CSS / JavaScript) I create websites that are not only beautiful, but also functional.

When I am not designing or coding you can find me on the soccer fields, the virtual race track or staring at my 3D printer.

Interested in working with me or just a Nigerian prince who wants to offer me a few million dollars? Feel free to hit me up and we can grab a cup of coffee.


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Available for job opportunities.